Virtual Reality is one of the hottest technologies. VR Video is predicted to be the most promising VR tech in 2016. Majority of community and media sharing sites support 360° and the number of various headsets is rapidly rising, with millions of Cardboards about to appear in US and other locations.

VR Video needs its “Killer App” now. Blend of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in a 360° Video is just the right thing. Augmented VR Video gives more immersion, engagement and fun!

With our (patent pending) 360° Video Augmentation Engine we can make your 360° Video an interactive tool to communicate with your viewers and customers in an unprecedented way.


  • You deliver 360° Video (3D or 2D)
  • Together we work on finding the best idea for Augmentation
  • We prepare the augmented version of your 360°, making it a real VR Video
  • Your Video with our Augmentation is published on Play Store and/or App Store

Of course we can also make 360° Videos if needed, as well as providing all post-production services.


  • Before we could only watch the video from the beginning to the end, thanks to our service there is an update available now
  • Augmented VR Video meets expectations of Generation Z audiences making the experience closer to their habits (minimum 5 screens at the same time and 4D thinking)
  • Augmented VR Video gives completely new possibilities to Webrooming and Content Marketing

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